The Ramblin' Kind

from by Lunge Dolphin

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From the movie 'The Wrestlin' Heart'


A no trick pony just a'killin time
Down a one-way street rolling crooked dice
You can hide in a bottle, you can hock your .45
But I left my worries and my wedding ring
This old lone wolf had to spread his wings
And I'm proud to say I couldn't ever walk no line

I'm not the the kind to stick around for long
I was born to be a one man guy
If you see my wife, say "Momma, don't you cry"
Just you tell her that your Pa's the ramblin' kind

I grabbed this old guitar and a coupla bucks
Threw my gunny sack in the pickup truck
Watched you sleep awhile 'fore I hit the road
Just a stonewashed, washed-up troubadour
I'm a prairie wind and a slammed backdoor
I'm a wanderin' star. I'm a rocking, rolling stone

Never was the the kind to stop awhile for long
Son, I gotta stay a one man guy
And though you're only five, I see forgiveness in your eyes
That I always been the wanderin', ramblin' kind

A wild heart must be free to soar
No gilded cage and no child support
You can't look back and you can't have no regrets
I did my share and I tried my best
Or not quite either, in retrospect
But I did consider tryna try my best

Someday we might could reconcile
On the old porch swing we'll shoot the breeze awhile
I'll make you see perhaps you judged me wrong.
You can hear my tales of the ramblin life
Bout truckstop, bourbon, dustbowl dives
Just understand, come morning I'll be gone

Sure I've broken hearts, told my share of lies
And never met a barfight I didn't like
Just a good ol' boy on a crazy switchback ride
But I ain't meant to hurt no one
Just sleep around and sometimes hit your mom
And you were almost always often on my mind

Don't see how I can make up all I've missed
But you gotta suit yourself – there ain't no better life
So years from now you can tell your therapist
I was the wanderin', travellin', rollin', ramblin' kind


from Celluloid Songbag, released June 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Lunge Dolphin Leeds, UK

Europe's Number 1 actioneer, cinematographile and male songstress.

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