Godbotherers Theme

from by Lunge Dolphin

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From the movie 'Godbotherers'


If there's hovering kids / In your diocese
Who can assist? / A PRIEST.
If your daughter or niece / Shows the sign of The Beast
You gotta get a little priest / A PRIEST.
I'm afraid of ghosts
When the fruit of your loins / Gets a real deep voice /
Or makes a weird pig noise / CALL A PRIEST.
And if her head spins round / All the way round /
Well that's too far round / CALL A PRIEST.

Satan makes me feel terrible

Darkness falls because it's night / The sun's gone down, it isn't light
And swine vent from the netherworld / to freak out y'alls environs, girl
You smell a scream, you hear a chill / Pazuzu gets up in your grill
Fleet of fetlock, bad of breath / You face the funkiest of deaths.
Yet man and priest alike do hope / Through crucifix, keytar and Moog
Yon righteous beats may exorcise / the beast with tons and tons of eyes
But hellpests are not easy foiled / As fists are quenched and vestments soiled
The boldest cleric eats his hat / When ghosts or something wail and that.

When your sweet thirteen / Has a good blaspheme
And she's bringing up green / It's a messed up scene.
When it ain't no fun / Cos she talks in tongues
And insults your mum / Got a problem, chum.
When the air's all cold / Round your 12 year old
And she looks like death / And she effs and jeffs
When she grunts and spits / And she gets her kicks
Doing messed up [BLEEP] / with a crucifix.
Unkempt hair / And a lumpy face
And she floats and swears / Like a big disgrace
And she flops around / And her eyes go white
And her teeth go brown / And she's real uptight
When Beelzebub / Makes your bed go nuts
Ain't no ifs or buts / You're in deep, deep trubs
Don't hesitate / Don't be a clown
P-P-Pick up the phone / Get a Catholic round.
Hong Kong, Berlin, Stockholm, Rotherham
Everybody talk about... Godbotherin'

Talk about / Godbotherin'
Talk about / Godbotherin'
What would he know? / Godbotherin'
He ain't Max Von Sydow / Godbotherin'
Should know by now / Godbotherin'
It ain't pronounced "Sigh-Dow" / Godbotherin'
/ Godbotherin'
/ Godbotherin'
PRIEST / Godbotherin'
PRIEST / Godbotherin'


from Celluloid Songbag, released June 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Lunge Dolphin Leeds, UK

Europe's Number 1 actioneer, cinematographile and male songstress.

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