Celluloid Songbag

by Lunge Dolphin

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released June 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Lunge Dolphin Leeds, UK

Europe's Number 1 actioneer, cinematographile and male songstress.

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Track Name: Push It To (The Edge)
Let me be your pilot / Don't look down and buckle up
Simple's never easy / Quick is never fast enough

Push it to the edge, Push it to the edge, Push it to the edge
Push it to the edge, Push it to the edge now
You gotta beat the edge if you wanna be the best
Gotta face the edge, see the edge,
Know the edge and be the edge.

Gotta lose control if you wanna find yourself tonite
Hear the edge a-calling / A hero gotta heed it right
Feel the afterburners / Heat is high and so am I
Supersonic lovers, baby we can fly and fly (so high in the sky).

Push it to the edge, Push it to the edge, Push it to the edge
Standing on the edge, Walking on the edge, Dancing on the edge
You gotta beat the edge if you wanna be the best
Gotta drink the edge, eat the edge,
Live the edge and breathe the edge.

We'll live at the limit and marry the stars
If the edge is behind you, you've pushed it too far
We'll crash into glory and burn up in style
Just like the Yonder, you're blue and you're wild.

Push it to the edge, Push it to the edge, Push it to the edge
Take it to the edge, Look over the edge, Throw it off the edge
You'll never be the best if you can't defeat the edge
Gotta want the edge, need the edge,
Meet the edge and greet the edge.
Kiss the edge, kick the edge,
Smell the edge and lick the edge.
Use the edge, abuse the edge,
Salute and then seduce the edge, yeah.
Track Name: Goblin Prance
You're reminiscent of a child / What child?
An enchanting child / Mm-hmm
A child of witchcraft / Which craft? / Witchcraft / Oh
Bewitching little child.

I love babies / They're such good company
A great sense of humour and resilient too.
They drive me crazy / So bring me babies
Fresh, funky little playthings I can teach some moves.
What can I do to put a spell on you?
Tricks or treats? / Puppies or sweets?
Just need a baby, any baby will do
And what I want one for is hazy at best.
I'd just do what he says.

Prance goblin, prance / Prance goblin, prance
Can't walk yet but girl you sure can dance.
Dance goblin, dance / So dance goblin, dance
Dance goblin, dance / Just dance goblin, dance
Kidnap children, make 'em cry / Leave those babies traumatized.

Don't cry baby / I know your new home's unsanitary
There's rust and chickens everywhere, but don't be scared.
Sweet pre-school mama / Kick off those booties then just
Eat another amnesia peach, forget your cares.
What do I use to beat the baby blues?
Hocus pocus / Rattles or rusks?
And now you got no parents, now you got no rules
Stay up and prance your tears away.
Although it's getting late.

Prance goblin, prance / Prance goblin, prance
How can you know until you give it a chance?
Dance goblin, dance / Dance goblin, dance
Ask no questions, hear no lies / You're my sister, daughter and my wife.

You're reminiscent of a child / What child?
An enchanting child / Mm-hmm
A child of witchcraft / Which craft? / Witchcraft / Oh
Bewitching little child.
A bewitching little child? / A voodoo baby.
A necromantic rugrat? / An occult tot.
You just remind me of the child / What child?
The one we abducted.

Move goblin, move / Groove goblin, groove
Warm that bottle, feed that girl / Change that nappy, rock that world
Jive goblin, jive / Thrive goblin, thrive
Stop that bawling, flip that frown / Don't grow up, just get down.

Prance goblin, prance / Prance goblin, prance
If you can crawl you sure as hell can dance.
Prance goblin, prance / Prance goblin, prance
You can dance on the ceiling, you can climb the walls
Just don't touch my crystal balls.
Track Name: Time Travel Man
I'm cruising wormholes in a tricked-out van
Slip her into overdrive
I like it frictionless, I like it hot
I like it at the speed of light.
Capacitor's fluxing with all of its might
Hold on tight, tonite's the nite that lightning strikes twice

Cos I'm a Time Travel Man / Time Travel Man
Travel through time like no other man can
If you're a time travel woman then jump on board
Don't care if you're Neanderthal or cyborg.

You know my leaps are quantum and my time is cheap
Still no sign of slowing down
From pirate to cowboy to sex machine
It's the power of love that makes my wheels go round.

Cos I'm a Time Travel Man / Time Travel Man
Travel through time like a loverman can
You wanna time travel woman, just stick out your thumb
Baby you're plutonium.

We can fight Shakespeare or bother Oscar Wilde
Eat a triceratops or burp the Christchild
Rehydrate a pizza, get sweet hoverboards
Then a quick spin round the Holocaust.

Time Travel Man / Time Travel Man
Playing Johnny B Good with a vanishing hand
Don't wanna be see-through or my own grandson
Gotta get my dad to kiss my mum.
Time Travel Man / I'm a Time Travel Man
It burns where I blast off, it hurts when I land
You wanna time travel woman, well stick out your thumb
And join the Party-Time Continuum.
Track Name: Mechamessiah (Come To Me [Battledrome])
Child of the ruins / Weaned in a wasteland
Aftermath babies / The nephews of rust.
Mohawks and kneepads / A dreamcatcher nightmare
We die on a shoestring and live on a bus.

We just need a bit of petrol
And our pedals to the metal
And some water, food and shelter / Would be nice

So pray for a phoenix / To drive us to safety
The highway is hope / The tarmac is time.
A Mechamessiah / Jumps up from the rubble
A fingerless glove and the sun in his eyes.
Just one fingerless glove and the sun in both eyes.

We just need a bit of petrol
And some less outlandish hairstyles
And a much less spiky vehicle / Would be ace

The day has to come
When the rat race is won
The deaf can see / and the lost can be found.
There must come a time
When the hungry can dine
When a people can join hands and stand up
without lying doooooooooown.

It's not easy being feral
Truth be told it's really dreadful
Really, really, really dreadful / To be frank
We just need a bit of petrol
But the potholes here are lethal
So careful not to crack your axle / Battledrome.

[Vocal stylings to close]
Track Name: Fight Like A Liger
Drank your eggs / Thumped some beef
Grabbed a shower and now you're angry.
Chopped some logs / Had a jog
If you feel like death then you're alive.

Winners win / Losers don't
You must box to determine the best boxer.
You must strive / You must survive
To compete in that boxing match, yeah.

Can you kick like a panther and succeed like an ape
Can you sting like a bee, wasp or hornet?
Now you're built like a tractor; in immaculate shape
You can win a big belt if you fight like a liger.

Head to head / Eye to eye
Neck and neck and man-to-mano
Dog eat dog / Drawn like moths
To the flame that could turn their hearts to ice.

Can you strike like a bison? Can you float like a ghost?
Are you sure you can trounce your opponent?
It's really important that you hit him the most
When you fight you must fight like a big liger.

Bell goes ding / Do one thing;
Make a fist and punch him with it
Punch his face / Punch his face
Before he punches you in yours.

If you win at the boxing you'll feel masses of pride
Just keep your goals in your sights.
Don't know much about boxing, but you'll know what you like
When you look at the man with your eyes.
Track Name: The Eternal Franchise
Geeks and children rejoice alike
The magicest of good news
Your cherished classic's been brought to life
And fairly faithfully too.
The characters that you've longed to see
The stories that you've loved
That world of wonder and fantasy
Now belongs to us.

The Eternal Franchise
There'll be sequels and prequels for years
The Eternal Franchise
You'll have joy coming out of your ears.

From the page to the multiplex
Then in all good retail outlets
No, not just movies but merchandise;
Board games, plushies and playsets.
Reasonably safe for the 12s and up / May contain small parts
Choking hazards for everyone / From Hong Kong to our hearts.

What a deathless franchise
Tie-ins, spin-offs and several cartoons
This unending franchise
Has collectables out the wazoo
And they could all belong to you.

Come on! / Who are YOU??
I'm a merch dragon / As in merchandise?
That's right. I reward kindness, purity of heart and brand loyalty.
All this can be yours / For free? / (laughing) No.
But how will I pay for it? / Oh, you'll find a way.
Really?? / Sure you will, if you just believe.
So acquisition IS the only true happiness! / You said it! Ha ha ha.

Action figures and lead figurines
Bubblebath and bu—umba—ags
Duvet covers and stationery.

Bumper stickers and slippers and clocks
Thermoses and paddling pools
Badges, keyrings and teapots and socks
And trampettes, toiletries and pogs.
Track Name: Skyfalls
The noise of smoke / The taste of deception
The deadly threat that you mustn't fear
The hands that punch / The voice at the window
His are the eyes / That ring in your ears

You know his name, though you've never heard it
Though you can't see, you remember his face
You've touched his mind, heard the sound of his shadow,
Felt the heat of his golden embrace.

Sky fall / or not at all
Sometimes that's all / it takes to fall
Sky fall / and I'm appalled
God help us all / if this guy falls

The world's too small for someone this massive
Enough's enough is never enough
Nobody wants to be lonely or murdered
But no one dies from fighting too much.

Revenge is a dish best served frozen
With a warm knife / on a plate that is hot
Your neck or legs or your heart may be broken
If the sky falls, this spy's all we've got.

He fights like a lion and loves like a man
Smokes like a panther, as only he can
Eats like a duke in the legends of old
He strikes while the iron is gold.

Sky fall
What's at the heart of it all?
You'll be enthralled
Who was it who started it all?
Too close to call
D'you have a heart at all?
Once and for all
Was it me? Or was it James Bond?

Though his fuse is short he walks tall
He's on the ball
His fist's big, his pity is small
He fights in brawls
Like a load bearing wall
And free-for-alls.
Track Name: Buddies
We're buddies it's true
Nothing I wouldn't do for you
Partners in crime, thick as thieves
Kindred spirits, one pod, two peas
You gonna see you can depend on me
Cos we're buddies.

And we're buddies for life
I'm in your corner and I'm by your side
Alter ego, amigo, pal
Your confidant and your right hand man
If I can't be your friend, then no one can
You're my buddy.

Every evening I walk you home,
You don't even need to know I'm there.
Late at night, it's me who calls your phone
just making sure you know I care.
Blood brothers, through thick and thin
It may sound strange, but not to us
I'm just parked outside, going through your bins
Or up a tree with some binoculars.

A friend you never will forget
And though you haven't met me yet
Ain't going nowhere, we're stuck like glue
I see your good times, tough times too
I keep a watchful eye on your every move
Just never, ever cross me and I always will be true
I'd crawl through glass, gladly die or kill for you
Cos we're buddies.
Track Name: Godbotherers Theme
If there's hovering kids / In your diocese
Who can assist? / A PRIEST.
If your daughter or niece / Shows the sign of The Beast
You gotta get a little priest / A PRIEST.
I'm afraid of ghosts
When the fruit of your loins / Gets a real deep voice /
Or makes a weird pig noise / CALL A PRIEST.
And if her head spins round / All the way round /
Well that's too far round / CALL A PRIEST.

Satan makes me feel terrible

Darkness falls because it's night / The sun's gone down, it isn't light
And swine vent from the netherworld / to freak out y'alls environs, girl
You smell a scream, you hear a chill / Pazuzu gets up in your grill
Fleet of fetlock, bad of breath / You face the funkiest of deaths.
Yet man and priest alike do hope / Through crucifix, keytar and Moog
Yon righteous beats may exorcise / the beast with tons and tons of eyes
But hellpests are not easy foiled / As fists are quenched and vestments soiled
The boldest cleric eats his hat / When ghosts or something wail and that.

When your sweet thirteen / Has a good blaspheme
And she's bringing up green / It's a messed up scene.
When it ain't no fun / Cos she talks in tongues
And insults your mum / Got a problem, chum.
When the air's all cold / Round your 12 year old
And she looks like death / And she effs and jeffs
When she grunts and spits / And she gets her kicks
Doing messed up [BLEEP] / with a crucifix.
Unkempt hair / And a lumpy face
And she floats and swears / Like a big disgrace
And she flops around / And her eyes go white
And her teeth go brown / And she's real uptight
When Beelzebub / Makes your bed go nuts
Ain't no ifs or buts / You're in deep, deep trubs
Don't hesitate / Don't be a clown
P-P-Pick up the phone / Get a Catholic round.
Hong Kong, Berlin, Stockholm, Rotherham
Everybody talk about... Godbotherin'

Talk about / Godbotherin'
Talk about / Godbotherin'
What would he know? / Godbotherin'
He ain't Max Von Sydow / Godbotherin'
Should know by now / Godbotherin'
It ain't pronounced "Sigh-Dow" / Godbotherin'
/ Godbotherin'
/ Godbotherin'
PRIEST / Godbotherin'
PRIEST / Godbotherin'
Track Name: The Ramblin' Kind
A no trick pony just a'killin time
Down a one-way street rolling crooked dice
You can hide in a bottle, you can hock your .45
But I left my worries and my wedding ring
This old lone wolf had to spread his wings
And I'm proud to say I couldn't ever walk no line

I'm not the the kind to stick around for long
I was born to be a one man guy
If you see my wife, say "Momma, don't you cry"
Just you tell her that your Pa's the ramblin' kind

I grabbed this old guitar and a coupla bucks
Threw my gunny sack in the pickup truck
Watched you sleep awhile 'fore I hit the road
Just a stonewashed, washed-up troubadour
I'm a prairie wind and a slammed backdoor
I'm a wanderin' star. I'm a rocking, rolling stone

Never was the the kind to stop awhile for long
Son, I gotta stay a one man guy
And though you're only five, I see forgiveness in your eyes
That I always been the wanderin', ramblin' kind

A wild heart must be free to soar
No gilded cage and no child support
You can't look back and you can't have no regrets
I did my share and I tried my best
Or not quite either, in retrospect
But I did consider tryna try my best

Someday we might could reconcile
On the old porch swing we'll shoot the breeze awhile
I'll make you see perhaps you judged me wrong.
You can hear my tales of the ramblin life
Bout truckstop, bourbon, dustbowl dives
Just understand, come morning I'll be gone

Sure I've broken hearts, told my share of lies
And never met a barfight I didn't like
Just a good ol' boy on a crazy switchback ride
But I ain't meant to hurt no one
Just sleep around and sometimes hit your mom
And you were almost always often on my mind

Don't see how I can make up all I've missed
But you gotta suit yourself – there ain't no better life
So years from now you can tell your therapist
I was the wanderin', travellin', rollin', ramblin' kind